2018 May 16, 12:24

Találd meg az utad Emilie-vel

Emilie Terane, a Fundango csapat egyik francia síelője mesél svájci kalandjairól. Két verseny közt mindenkinek kijár a pihenés és az idő, hogy felfedezhessen egy-egy új helyet. Emilie beszámolójából megtudhatod, neki mit jelent igazán a freeride és a pillanatok megélése.

"This year I have had the great chance to travel all across Europe for competitions and discover new places and mountains. Most of the time though, I wish I had more time to fully enjoy these destinations. So at least once, while in Switzerland, I decided to hang out between competitions and got to discover a new playground.

A month ago, between the Nendaz and Chandolin contests, I stayed in Grimentz with a friend I had met in a ZagSki event. His small apartment in the centre of the city is a nest of hospitality and positive vibes, it is the perfect place to discover new people. It started with a great evening eating pasta, drinking wine and speaking Spanish while thinking about the next day. The snow was still looking good and the weather forecast was perfect.

Seeking for big challenges - and new ways

After a quick warm up on the slopes of Grimentz, we decided to take the gondola towards Zinal. The snow and the sun were there and the day was turning out perfectly.  At the top of the lift we had an amazing view of all the big 4000m+ Swiss summits. We took another lift then skied back down 1300m to Grimentz. Everything about this descent was incredible. We didn’t see anyone or anything apart for a few Chamois’ footprints. After a short walk through the forest, we got back on the lift to Zinal for a second time. For this run, we chose to put the skins on for approximately thirty minutes and got a little away from the resort. Still not a soul around and, despite facing a new direction, we still had some fantastic snow for the 1200m down. A couple more runs later our legs were burnt and it was time to call it a day. However, instead of going home, we went grocery shopping, packed our bags and headed back up. We took the last lift to the top of the Zinal resort and skied down close to a dam. The visibility wasn’t great but the snow still amazing. We put the skins on and hiked thirty minutes to the middle of nowhere and found our hotel for the night. It was a really nice tiny hunting cabin buried under the snow. We proceeded to shovel off all the snow, light a fire and cook a delicious Swiss fondue.

Nature always knows how to be perfect

The next morning, we woke up in front of a stunning landscape. Strong sunglasses and skins on, we hiked our way to new wonderful descents.  

This experience was really fantastic. I got to make new friends, ride beautiful areas and discover a whole new kind of accommodation. For me this what freeride skiing is all about, enjoying the present.  "


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