2018 March 20, 2:07

Sarah kalandjai

Sarah Tuvera, az örök utazónak született lány mesél az elmúlt pár hónapban megélt kalandjairól. Olvassátok, inspirálódjatok és vágjatok neki ti is a világnak egy hátizsákkal!

“My recent travels started last year around November. I flew from my home island Fuerteventura to London City and experienced typical England weather: cold, wet and grey. Despite the weather I had a great time regardless. I was given the opportunity to catch up with old friends and also make some new ones. I also got to see my mom again after two years, we had a nice dinner at a famous restaurant called Gaucho with delicious Argentinian steaks and roasted vegetables.

After a nice week in London, I drove a van down to Dover at 4 am and took an underground train for vehicles to Calais and headed straight to Paris. The most challenging part of this drive was adjusting to drive an English car in a foreign country. The long journey was definitely worth the drive and I would recommend that anybody visiting Paris spend a day there.

Although the experience was amazing, it was short lived as my travels continued northeast into Belgium. I spent some time in Ghent, a beautiful town with a calm river that runs down old buildings creating a unique atmosphere. While there, I tried a national dish, doubled fried fries with melted cheese on top.

The next part of my journey, saw me leaving for Indonesia via London, meaning I had to drive back to England.

Upon arrival in Indonesia I hired a scooter and went straight to the hostel called The Farm. It is situated 14Km away from down town in a cosy local place called Canggu, Batubolong. 
The street Batubolong has many yummy, cheap and healthy restaurants. During my time here I enjoyed many different local foods and was introduced to the dragon fruit for the first time. Interestingly enough the majority of the food served at the upper class styled restaurants were surprisingly cheap and also vegan. One of my favourite places was an all day breakfast specialty cafe called Crate cafe. My personal preferences were the fresh, cold smoothies and acais bowls. Another must do while in town is to head over to The Loft and try their sweet delicious waffles.

Although it is not a very well known area it remains one of my favourite places to travel to. What I love most about this place is that it still remains quiet untouched by foreign travellers. There are numerous fun and casual after parties at the beach. Some highlights during my time include reggae nights at deus machine Bali, Oldmanns & Echo beach parties and Pretty Poison skate bar.

Despite being many miles from home I found myself a new family at The Farm. They were from different countries around the world. Every individual had their unique personality and characteristics which made us such a good diverse team.

Jini: The asian Aussie hottie that was always sleeping all day. 
Sebastian: The flirty police man
Fabi: The young Latina
Jojo: The flirty sensitive, tall big foot
Joakim: The wise one
Seba: The one always at the pool
Steph: The chilled in the day, crazy at night
Gringo: The Farm mascot
Thomas: Mister big smiley Dutch/Spanish dude
Paul: My crazy Twin
Dani: Skater boy
jess: The crazy loveable 
Kiki: The sweet host
Steffano: The clumsy Stubborn one

I initially planned to stay in Bali for only two weeks, but due to the volcano eruption my stay was extended for a further two weeks. Which was not the worst that could happen at that time. These extra two weeks allowed me to have more time with my friends and explore the island some more. Some of these great adventures led us to an early morning bike ride, which started at 3am, heading north towards the volcano. 
On another day a detour down to the south of Bali heading towards Uluwatu presented us with clear beaches and monkey forests.

My friends thought it would be a good idea to prolong my birthday celebrations. On one occasion, the celebrations into the evening was so overwhelming that everyone forgot about the brownie birthday cake. It wasn’t until the following morning that we had realised that we forgot to cut the cake, however, the mice did not forget about the cake and helped themselves to a portion of it. By the time we got to it in the morning there were only small portions left untouched which we took for ourselves.

Although I had the most amazing time, it was time to say goodbye to Indonesia and hello to Australia.”