Julien Prévot

   Hi there, I'm Julien Prévot, 26 years old ski rider. I live in Southern Alps in a small village called Vallouise, but it's central in the heart of the Alps, which allows me to explore Southern Alps thoroughly, looking for precious "pow"(fresh snow).

   I'm also exploring the whole world by participating in the FWQ, the best shortcut to FWT. So far I went to here and there, and I plan on trying myself in the Japanese Hakuba Valley.

   What I like the most is skiing for leisure, and taking part in videos and photo shootings. Picture production is important for me as I like to share my passion and want to give others the desire to live the same experiences. I have other passions, like surfing and downnhill biking.

   My studies in the field of accounting and finance management are led online, which allows me to concentrate on my athlete development. 

   I'm a proud member of the Fundango team for a few years now, and I also work with some other sport brands too.

Maxime Buffet

   Hi everyone, I'm Maxime, a 26 years old ski rider. I was born and live in Serre Chevalier, a ski resort in th south of French Alps.

   I'm a ski Freeride athlete competing on the Freeride World Quialifier (FWQ) on road to the Freeride World Tour (FWT). In my first season I finished at 33rd place overall on the FWQ tour in 2017.

   Mountains are my natural elements, no matter the season I'm always doing something: skiing, rock climbing, alpinism, mountainbiking, trekking or paragliding.

   I travel a lot to pratice my favorite sports, I already vistit a lot of country around Andes Cordilliera or Himalaya. I have many projects to ski a film in those incredible places !

   I was engineer in thermal energies but now, I prefer to live my passions and when I'm not competing, I work as ski instructor and mountain bike school owner.

   My amazing photos are taken by David Gouel.

Zacy Bliss

   Hi! My name is ‘Zacy’ (Zachariah Bliss), I am 25 years old, was born in London but have lived in Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands since I was just 8 years old, and think of myself as a local.

   Fuerteventura is a surfer’s paradise and my passion for surfing was born from spending my life on its wonderful beaches and surfing the Atlantic swell… always looking for that perfect wave… whatever the direction and strength of the swell, wind and tide, the island offers somewhere to surf, but if there is a day without waves, I skateboard!

   I have always competed locally with success, but most of my freetime is spent free-surfing… I am a qualified Life Guard and Surf Instructor with the privilege of working with people who also want to surf and being in the place that I love so much… lucky me!

Emilie Terane

   My name is Emilie Terane, I am 26 years old skier from the French Alps. I have been competing on the European Freeride World Qualifer for 2 years.

   I get to ski all around Europe all winter, and hopefully in the Southern Hemisphere next summer. I also like to be involved in photo and video shooting as well as just riding with my friends and family. I enjoyed the mountains during the summer too. You will often find me on a mountainbike, a climbing wall or just wandering and enjoying the views.
   When I feel my head is overwhelmed, I need to climb mountains, discover new places, ski on the slopes and let me capture the experience. Because in the end, you won't remember the time you spent working in the office, so climb that mountain! (Not my thoughts, but I like it)

Sebastian Hiersche

   Hello, my name is Sebastian Hiersche. I'm 20 years old passionate skier. I live in Bad Aussee, Austria, near the Dachstein Glacier. I like skiing in the park and love the backcounty. I really think that this is the way I can feel the real ski-experience that gives always new challenge. When I am up at the mountain, I forget everything, just focus. It means adventure, excitement, relaxation and freedom at the same time - all I want from life. I cannot imagine my life without skis.

   Last winter was my first season as a full time skier. It was the best time in my life so far and the upcoming one will be even better!
   Mainly I’m on the road with my old little camping van. Some nights in the van are cold but I love to be completely free and travel to places with the best snow.

   I'm on the mountain during the whole winter season, and I ride my bike the rest of the year. Keep live simple and don't stop riding! Cheers!

Dávid Bánstik

   Hey, I’m David Bánstik, a 21 years old freestyle skier. I’ve started my „extreme” carrier with mountainbike when I was a kid, since then I can’t stop jumping and learning harder and more technical tricks in any sport. Thanks to my Dad I’ve been skiing every season since I was 4 years old. From 2012 I started to compete as a member of Freeski Maffia team in Junior category.

   The Hungarian National Championship is the only official competition in Hungary in this sport, which is organised every year in Murau, Austria. I finished at second place twice in Big Air category and once second and once third place in Slope style category.

   This is my third year as a member of the Fundango team. This sport is not as popular in Hungary as in other places, but thanks to Fundango, we are able to train during the whole season and make this sports - and also this amazing brand - more popular with professional photos and videos.


Belián Jordán

   Hi , I am Belián Jordán, 20 years old freestyle skier from Hungary and a key member of Freeski Maffia. One of my objectives is to popularise my sport in our mountain less country.
   I won the Hungarian Nationals in Big Air and Slope Style three times and also had a chance to represent Hungary in the Junior World Champs and on FIS European Cup events. Furthermore I competed in the biggest Austrian tour competition and got invited for the QParks Tour's Final.
   Besides skiing I like to visit new places and meet new cultures. On my last trip to Bali I could taste the feeling of surfer pro's life, so I am on the way to improve my wave surf skills.
   In 2013 I became a member of the Fundango team. Since then they helped me through in various situations and I am very thankful to have Fundango behind me. 
   If you are lucky enough to be on slopes, you are lucky enough! Cheers!

Sarah Tuvera

   My name is Sarah Tuvera and I have lived in Fuerteventura for the last 12 years. I am a mix of Japanese, Latin and Philippine. I was born in London and grew up in Germany and I am currently travelling around Bali, Australia and Hawaii. I have been surfing since I was a kid and I have always been a very active and sporty person. I'm never afraid to be myself and love beeing very social and positive.

   I do sports everyday, and keep moving around. I always travel alone to meet people from different places and love listening to all their stories, which always inspire me.

I am 22 years old, and grew up alone since I was a kid. I am very independent, focused and organized. I speak 5 languages fluently, and always want to learn more.

   I've been a model since I was 12 and feel comfortable in front of the camera. I've been lucky enough to work with a few music videos on television, and surf brands.

Benedek Kis

   I joined the Fundango team in 2008 as a wakeboarder, but couple years later I started feel that I like snowboarding better. In the last couple of years I made a lot of films with my good friend Matyi Szerb. We travelled all over Europe doing contests, freeriding, park riding and we tried to document it. If you are interested in, check out our vimeo page: : https://vimeo.com/sharethefunseries

After I gained some experience doing surfing, no day passes without thinking about waves and the ocean ☺

Some results I'm proud of:

3X Hungarian Snowboard Champion
Univerziade Trentino 5th place
Europe Cup Slovakia 5th place
Getting invited for the wakeboard World Cup in China