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Fundango was founded on the idea ”to create our own goodies we couldn't buy”. Young riders
with snowsport origins started to design smart and likeable clothes for themselves and later for
the others. Alps is not only our playground that inspires adventures but also products we build to
discover it.

Our Mission

Inspire to discover what exceptional experience outdoor sports can offer

Big lines on epic powder days
Summitting an unbeaten peak
Riding a barrel

Our goal

Our goal is to deliver snow and
outdoor sport experiences with
full of joy regardless the weather


Our focus is on technical clothes
with innovative solutions to
complex challenges of our sports
accompanied with a sporty lifestyle
collection with the essence of
creativity and comfort


More and more people should
be privileged to appreciate the
fantastic gifts we have received:
our sports. Snowy mountains, rocky
ridges, wild forests, windy beaches

Core values

Core values are the guiding elements within the organization during any decision making process

Their seamless interaction with the mission and vision statements are the key to steady
growth and building confidence.

Our destination

Alps are our destinations - they provide us inspiration and testing ground with their serious, diverse and everchanging conditions

Inspired by the search
for backcountry adventures
Challenges that need to be
solved out there
Product design by
experiencing ourselves

Product development

The strength
of our design team

is the ability to constantly develop products that not only perform
exceptional in extreme conditions but also has an intuitive design.
New ideas and products are born in the Alps as our main principle
is design by doing.

  • International
    testing team
  • New ideas based
    on experiential recognition
  • Extreme testing
  • Simplicity
    & timelessness
  • Intuitive
  • State-of-the-art
  • Professional
    factories worldwide
  • 25+ years
  • Creativity and innovation in fabrics and features
  • Technical products to fit for different sports and individual athletes
  • Functionality and comfort at the same time

Environmental and social footprint

Our sustainable commitment's aim is to keep our playground clean and provide a joyful life for people who work for our brand.

Environmental responsibility program

We are committed to reducing CO2 emissions from our supply chain and improving the policy and legal framework for sustainable trade along the BSCI.

Factories we work with comply with various sustainability certifications e.g. GRS, O-tex 100 and Blue sign.

Products are increasingly made from bio-based, responsibly sourced, renewable, recycled or regeneratively grown materials.

We're working to eliminate single-use plastic packaging, so our products are delivered in carton and recyclable nylon.

Social responsibility program

We are dedicated to guaranteeing the production in an environment that adheres to safe, fair, legal, and compassionate working conditions.

The brand is dedicated to assisting underprivileged individuals by means of multiple charitable organizations.


Innovative technology and design full of inspiration

Lifestyle range with aesthetic design principles
focusing on functionality and style.

Technical collection
Parka collection
Lifestyle highlights

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